Products: Movie Conversion Tools

Movie Conversion Tools

We are pleased to announce availability of our Movie Conversion software for Parallax Graphics JPEG Movie files.

The Movie Conversion Tools were created for owners of Parallax Graphics digital video products, giving you the power to publish high-quality movies that can be played back on Macintosh and PC platforms, using Apple Computer's QuickTime or Microsoft's Video for Windows movie standards.

The Movie Conversion Tools product provides the following tools:

  • ConvertMovie --- Convert Parallax-generated movies into QuickTime or AVI (Video for Windows format) movies. QuickTime and AVI are the de facto movie standards for the World-Wide Web.

    ConvertMovie can also convert Parallax 4:2:2 JPEG movies into 4:1:1 JPEG QuickTime or AVI movies (4:1:1 JPEG is more widely supported on the Macintosh, PC, and Unix computing platforms).

  • ConvertImage --- Convert Parallax-generated JPEG images into the more popular 4:1:1 YUV-encoded JPEG images. While Parallax-generated JPEG's are fully JPEG-compliant, 4:1:1 JPEG images are more widely accepted by JPEG decoders, on the Macintosh, PC, and Unix platforms.
Developer Tools are also available. If you are interested in C++ support for working with Parallax JPEG movie files or producing AVI or QuickTime files, contact us and tell us your needs.