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European Commission Approves Oracle-Sun Acquisition

Next Wednesday, January 27 2010, Oracle is hosting an event to discuss how Sun and Oracle fit together.  I expect we'll hear them actually talk about the two companies being together, now that the European Commission approved the proposed acquisition today.

Using OpenSolaris As A TiVo Backup Device

OpenSolaris logo TiVo logo

Acquia Drupal Available on OpenSolaris

I just published a short how-to video showing how you can easily install Acquia Drupal on OpenSolaris.

Controlling TiVo from OpenSolaris with Galleon

I have been looking for ways to use my OpenSolaris-based media server at home to serve as a content backup for the TiVo.  I found an open source Java application called Galleon, and managed to get it to work on OpenSolaris.  I'm writing this to describe what I did to get it working.  First, a brief explanation of what Galleon is.

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