The Woodminster Cross Country Race

This morning was the final leg of the East Bay Triple Crown: the Woodminster Cross Country Race at Joaquin Miller Park and Redwood Park in Oakland began at 9AM.  It was a gorgeous day for a run; actually, a little on the warm side for top times, but perfectly clear skies and some great views of the Oakland hills from the park.  In fact, this was the first of the three races that didn't have the threat of rain

Running the Tilden Tough Ten in Berkeley, May 2011

Last year, I heard about a 3-race running series in the East Bay called the East Bay Triple Crown.  I heard about it too late to enroll in all three races, so I vowed to try to do them all this year.

The Relay: 200 miles, 12 runners, this weekend!

  Tomorrow morning I will participate in "The Relay" for the second time.  Last time I did it, two years ago, I had a blast, and although you get very little sleep doing this crazy running race, I thought I would do it one more time.
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