Solar Energy Production - August 2012

Enphase Energy logoHere is the energy production report from our Enphase Energy monitoring system in the month of August, 2012.  This is the electricity that our house's solar photovoltaic (PV) panels produced in August; the panels are connected to devices that monitor energy production from each panel, and send telemetry data to a little device inside our house.  That device

Big funding for residential solar power

I saw this story yesterday, about Google investing $280 million in SolarCity to help them grow their residential solar business.  I think this is fantastic news.  Here's why.

Our Experience Researching And Installing Solar Electricity

  I've been a big fan of solar power since I was a kid, and it's been a dream of mine to live in a house run by solar power, whether that be solar heating or solar PV (photovoltaic, i.e., solar electric cells).  Now that we own our own home, we've been looking into home improvement projects that could also help the environment; the two big ones are water catchment and solar electricity power generation.  We decided to go with solar first.

Solar power used at the individual's level (not big arrays)

I'm a big believer in solar energy; we are almost done with our solar installation at home, and the system looks and performs beautifully.  (more on that in a separate blog post)

What I'm not a big believer in is those huge alternate energy installations that you always read about as the savior of our country.  You know, huge solar farms that require the Environmental Protection Agency to issue a report about how they affect the local ecosystem, or huge off-shore wind farms.

Cost of home solar power and how to pay for it

It's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote about 1BOG (One Block Off the Grid), the web site that helped me get up to speed on solar power for the home.  In that time, I talked to the nice folks at 1BOG, and they set me up with an in-home appointment with a company called groSolar.  1BOG has negotiated a group discount with groSolar for 1BOG members in the San Fr

Researching solar power for the home

This is the first in what I expect will be a series of entries about our efforts to determine whether now is the right time for us to invest in solar energy for our home.
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