OpenSolaris Bug In Time Slider, and Workaround

Our home media server, the computer that holds our household's music, photos, TV shows, and other stuff, is running on OpenSolaris.  Until recently, it was running on the November 2008 release (2008.11) but I recently upgraded it to the most current build (b128) because there are some great features in OpenSolaris that I'd like to take advantage of.  Two in particular are deduplication as part of ZFS (which will save space on the hard drives we have on that server) and

Admin: Making OpenSolaris Boot Disk Mirrored via ZFS

This blog entry is a "note to self" entry.  I've got a system running OpenSolaris and I want to protect the data on the boot disk by mirroring it with a second disk; if one disk fails, ZFS will let me boot from the other disk, and I can easily replace the failed disk without any downtime.

Welcome to the brand spanking-new Transcode blog

This blog entry is proof that I have finally taken the leap in setting up and taking ownership of my own blog website.  I've had a blog on blogspot.com for a while now, but I decided it was time to own the whole enchilada.  So, I've re-designed this Drupal-based web site to hold my personal blog.  It's been a lot of fun figuring out how I want my site to look, what functionality it should have, how to talk to it from remote blogging client applications, and how to configure my website's developmen

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