1st rest stop during The Relay

We are resting in Sonoma after Van 1's first segment of The Relay. Everybody ran well; we are about 13 minutes ahead of estimated pace. Muchas gracias to Doug for his generosity providing such a civilized place for us to rest. Doug, you rock! We are back in action around 7:15PM tonight, then again tomorrow around 5:30AM. -- Posted while mobile

Location:Austin Ave,Sonoma,United States


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It will be better not to stop

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Resting time is very

Resting time is very important for the participants. You guys would be tired by the long run and there are still more to complete. photo clipping service Sonoma is a historic place and well known about the art galleries and old mansions. Warm wishes to all your team.

1st rest stop during The

1st rest stop during The Relay was farther away than I realized. I saw on www.superiorpaper.com how great this relay went, for the winners at least.

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