60 Minutes story about Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach

The Texas Tech football program has a genius for a coach; that would be head coach Mike Leach.  He just got fired today after a crazy news story two days ago about his treatment of one of his players who had a slight concussion.  The story smells funny to me: the father of the coach is ESPN analyst and former football player Craig James, and it sounds like James called in the complaint.

There's a lot of sound and fury around both sides of the story, but for now, I thought I'd post this 11-minute piece from 60 Minutes about Mike Leach.  It includes some quotes from Michael Lewis (author of "Moneyball", "The Blind Side", and "Liar's Poker" among other books and articles); Lewis has some great quotes about Coach Leach.

Here is a piece Lewis wrote for the New York Times in 2005 about Coach Leach after Lewis found out how Texas Tech was changing the way college football is played.  Great story.  And here's a follow-up interview with Lewis last year about Coach Leach, also in the NY Times.

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