Acquia Drupal Available on OpenSolaris

I just published a short how-to video showing how you can easily install Acquia Drupal on OpenSolaris.

I use Acquia Drupal to develop and maintain this web site, which also hosts this blog.  The Drupal community is amazingly vibrant and growing by leaps and bounds, and Acquia has done a nice job of commercializing the Drupal open source content management software package.  Acquia Drupal is still free, but it has some nice additions that any Drupal user or developer would want.

Anyway, check out the video; it's about 8 minutes long and walks you through the steps to find the catalog of third party applications, then get Acquia Drupal and configure it on your OpenSolaris system.  It's easy, and it just works.

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It's so heartwarming to know

It's so heartwarming to know that this is finally on OpenSolaris. I have been at OpenSolaris since I started doing and that is a very long time ago. Great to hear about this!

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Thanks for sharing this idea.

Thanks for sharing this idea. I've used it and it really worked fine. - Stephen Edward Samuelian

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