Adopting Our Cat, Lulu

Two years ago today, we adopted a sweet little cat we named Lulu.  This is her the day we adopted her, at about 7 months of age.

We feel strongly about adopting animals from the local animal shelter; the people who work there just want to do right by the animals, and they work hard and with little funding.

When we adopted Lulu, we were told that there was a special at the animal shelter: if we adopted an all-black or black-and-white cat, they would waive the adoption and spaying fees.  The reason: black cats tend not to get adopted because people are superstitious of them.  We were aghast when we heard that; that kind of thinking still exists?  It's a KITTEN, found on the street!  We saw this little cat and she seemed friendly and gentle enough; it was a no-brainer.  And since we had already planned to pay the adoption fees, we decided to donate her fee back to the animal shelter, to help somebody else who wanted an animal but found the fees a hardship.

Animal shelters are a fantastic way to support your community, help reduce excess animal population problems, and get a wonderful, healthy pet.  If you're thinking of getting a pet, I'll ask you to think about a couple of things:
  1. If you're thinking of owning a single pet, consider owning a pair.  The pets keep each other company so they're not lonely, and it's just as easy to take care of two pets as it is one.
  2. Call your local animal shelter and ask them when you can visit their kennel.  There are plenty of wonderful animals to adopt.

We love both of our cats.  Both came from the animal shelter, both are as sweet as can be, and they get along great.  We're lucky to have them.

Happy Anniversary, Lulu!

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It's a great effort to take

It's a great effort to take care of animals and treat them rightly. - Dennis Wong YOR Health

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