Cringely's Take On Net Neutrality

I really enjoy reading Robert X. Cringely's stuff; he talks about technology, but with a nerdy business point of view.  He is brave enough to put his opinions out in the open and is good about acknowledging when he's wrong.  Plus, it's just damned entertaining reading...if you like reading about business and technology.

Here's a recent blog entry he wrote about net neutrality and why we shouldn't worry too much about it.  I like where he's coming from.  I don't know if he's right, but I like it when people look at a current problem and ask "How did this problem get resolved when we look back in history to see another problem like this one?"

Check it out.

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People now a days are the one

People now a days are the one who only see’s their profit which is a good thing and also somehow bad. This blog is about a businessman who provides and essay wrіtіng websіtes and is brave person to talk about technology but in a safe mood i-e keeping business in point of view.

great one

This Stinging (but nicely-written) article about AT&T mistreating customers is very valid essay writers I was their victom too. I read about their mistreatment at too. It is really shocking and not at all appropiate

I also enjoyed the discussion

I also enjoyed the discussion of Robert about technology and amazed to see his creative views and ideas. Today, it has been important for almost everyone to stay in touch what is happening around the globe through technology. I use aussiessay source for meeting this criteria.

Cringely is someone that

Cringely is someone that impress me. The way he sees technology is quite rare and we don't really know how he can do it.

I think Robert Cringley is a

I think Robert Cringley is a big name in technolgy and i think it is fascinating how he could mix it with journalism. I am a big fan.

I have always thought that

I have always thought that business and technology are the keys for our future. That's why i consider starting a business that rely on technology.

It's a nice way to be self

It's a nice way to be self productive by learning new things from other people. - Marla Ahlgrimm

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