European Commission Approves Oracle-Sun Acquisition

Next Wednesday, January 27 2010, Oracle is hosting an event to discuss how Sun and Oracle fit together.  I expect we'll hear them actually talk about the two companies being together, now that the European Commission approved the proposed acquisition today.

There are a couple of steps before the acqusition is final: China and Russia have to approve, but I expect that will happen almost immediately.  Once that happens, the final machinery will crank up within days, if not hours.  By this time next week, I'm sure I'll know whether I have a job at Oracle/Sun.  (I'm not worried; I'd just like to know for sure, one way or another)

Check out the European Commission's press release on the matter: I think they took a while to decide, but they looked at the right set of issues as far as I'm concerned.  Also, the press release mentions PostgreSQL as a viable open source alternative to the MySQL database, which I think shows they did their due diligence.  I know that PostgreSQL and MySQL have different strengths and aren't necessarily interchangeable, but it's also important to know that the open source DB world isn't monocultural: it's not all about MySQL.

Finally, the waiting is coming to an end!  I can't tell you how much of a relief that is.

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Very excited to hear about an

Very excited to hear about an event that is hosted by Oracle in order to merge their company with another company. This is a good move by Oracle that helps them in the business structure and helps the other company from running in the loss. small prefab homes


It will be a big change in the global market when the two companies join together. This will help the customers to enjoy a lot of interesting features on the desktop as well as the mobile platforms. Can’t wait to see them together. top medical billing companies

It was a good move for oracle

It was a good move for oracle but I don’t think sun earned much from this deal. They lost many of their business clients and oracle earned many new ones. That is what actually happened. Sun lost their trademark to oracle. custom countertops

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