European Commission Approves Oracle-Sun Acquisition

Next Wednesday, January 27 2010, Oracle is hosting an event to discuss how Sun and Oracle fit together.  I expect we'll hear them actually talk about the two companies being together, now that the European Commission approved the proposed acquisition today.

There are a couple of steps before the acqusition is final: China and Russia have to approve, but I expect that will happen almost immediately.  Once that happens, the final machinery will crank up within days, if not hours.  By this time next week, I'm sure I'll know whether I have a job at Oracle/Sun.  (I'm not worried; I'd just like to know for sure, one way or another)

Check out the European Commission's press release on the matter: I think they took a while to decide, but they looked at the right set of issues as far as I'm concerned.  Also, the press release mentions PostgreSQL as a viable open source alternative to the MySQL database, which I think shows they did their due diligence.  I know that PostgreSQL and MySQL have different strengths and aren't necessarily interchangeable, but it's also important to know that the open source DB world isn't monocultural: it's not all about MySQL.

Finally, the waiting is coming to an end!  I can't tell you how much of a relief that is.

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The action seemed to be

The action seemed to be causing good results to both groups. That collaboration was a big success. - Dony McGuire

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