A Few More Entertaining TED Talk Podcasts

Here are a few more TED talks I listened to and found fascinating to watch or listen to.  By the way, the TED Talks podcast is available both as audio-only and as full audio-plus-video.  A lot of the TED talks are really best watched, not just listened to, because there's a lot of great visual material in there.  Whenever I can, I'll try to indicate which of my favorite TED talks can be experienced in audio-only mode.

  1. The first one is from David Keith: it's a frank discussion about things we can do to address our problems with climate change.  He's a great speaker, and moves the talk along at a good clip.  Definitely worth a listen, and some of the ideas he puts on the table clearly shock the audience.  (he doesn't necessarily like those ideas, but he acknowledges that we need to have a much more open discussion than we've been having up to now).
  2. Economist Paul Collier talks about how we can actually help the "bottom billion", that billion human beings on Earth who are living in poor or failing countries.  He lays out the case for the rich countries taking action, calling it "enlightened self-interest", and uses the U.S. Marshall Plan post-World War II as a model for how this kind of effort worked before and what it'll take to make lasting, positive change.  He's a better speaker than he gives himself credit for, but you won't find his speaking style exactly riveting.
  3. Finally, The Raspyni Brothers.  I've watched this talk five or six times, and I still find it hilarious.  They're a juggling act.  Before you ignore this one, keep in mind that jugglers were invited to speak at TED.  They must be pretty entertaining if TED thought they were good enough to speak to this audience.  And they are; this presentation is tons of fun to watch.

Enjoy!  And again, if you've got other podcast episodes you've found interesting and/or entertaining, please share some links!

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