A Few More TED Talks Worth Watching

Here are a few more TED Talks I really enjoyed watching; maybe if you've got some spare time over the holiday week, you can enjoy some of these as well.

I just loved this talk by Itay Talgam, where he talks about six great musical conductors of the 20th century and their conducting / leadership styles with symphony orchestras.  The guy is funny and engaging, and I think you'll like the talk even if you don't enjoy symphony music.  You certainly don't need to understand music much in order to enjoy this talk; you just need to understand people a little bit.  Check it out.

I am amazed that we are already at a point where we have the technology to grow any human organs at all; that blows me away.  Don't believe me?  Check out this talk by Anthony Atala who describes the state of the technology and where it's going next.

Here's a quick one: the secret to starting a movement is to be the first follower, not the leader.  This TED talk describes how by use of a short video plus Derek Sivers's narration.

Kevin Bales brings an economic approach to the argument for eradicating slavery.  I have to admit: I haven't thought much about the issue of slavery since leaving school, so watching his talk really brought the point home both that slavery is shamefully cheap, and it's also possible to eradicate it world-wide fairly cheaply as well.  Interesting approach to the topic.

The other Dan Barber talk I've watched and loved (you might recall me mentioning his talk about the farmer in Spain who grows the world's best foie gras), is his story about how he fell in love with a fish.  The story isn't just about the fish, but about the farmer who raises these fish and how really that's part of an integrated ecosystem that also feeds flamingos who fly in from over a hundred miles away every single day just to eat what this farmer has.  It's a beautifully-told story, and I like the message Barber has for how integrated ecosystems have so many benefits for us besides just the primary purpose we intended.


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