Great opinion piece: why the U.S. shouldn't give up on solar technology

We've been generating electricity with our roof-mounted solar panels for four months now, and the first three months have been net-positive (i.e., we're generating more power than we're consuming).  We love it, but there has also been some bad news in the press recently about Solyndra, a company in Fremont that got a big loan from the U.S. government and recently filed for bankruptcy.  Whatever we hear about Solyndra and the government's investment in them, it sounds like Solyndra wasn't very well run.

Two days ago, I saw this great piece on ZDnet taking the position that we shouldn't let Solyndra be the rotten apple that spoils the whole barrel.  Check it out; Heather Clancy points out that there are other solar energy projects doing well, that we've added a lot of generating power in the past couple of years, and that the solar energy industry has even generated net new jobs.

It's a pretty short piece; it's worth a read.  I'm glad our house is a small part of the contribution to clean energy.

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