Great video tutorial on integrating Twitter into your Drupal site

I just found a good video tutorial that shows how to use the Drupal Twitter module, giving your Drupal website the ability to display tweets on the site, and also to post a new tweet when you've added content to your Drupal site.

I want to do both things: when I post a new blog entry like this one, I want Drupal to tell my twitter account about the new posting.  And on my Drupal website, I want to have a section of the page show my most recent tweets.  The Drupal Twitter module can do both, and the video tutorial walks you through all the steps you need to do.  It's clear, moves quickly, and is not too hard if you pay good attention.  I did the configuration right along with the video, pausing from time to time to do a step, then moving on to the next part of the video.

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