Here's why I love Sports Illustrated

So, my alma mater, the University of Southern California, lost its football game on Saturday against the Ducks of the University of Oregon.  The loss was painful and was the worst loss the Trojans have had since coach Pete Carroll took over the program eight years ago.  I expect to see many stories in the press about this game, many trashing the Trojans.

But not Sports Illustrated.  Here is Stewart Mandel's piece on the game and what it means for the Trojans.  It's just another example of what makes SI such a great publication (not just a great sports publication; a great publication, period): Mandel's got a take, which I appreciate.  But he doesn't need to use anger to make his point; he's thoughtful, and his take sounds balanced to me.  He lays out the problems the Trojans faced coming into this year, and without taking anything away from the program, points out both USC's potential and challenges.

Nice writing, Mr. Mandel, as always.  And for those of you who read but don't subscribe to the magazine, I strongly encourage you to support the writers by buying a copy here and there, or even subscribing.  I've been a happy subscriber for well over 10 years (could be 20; I can't remember a time in my adult life without SI).

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