Marc Andreessen's Guide to Personal Productivity

I just saw somebody point to this blog entry by Marc Andreessen (if you don't know him, check out his Wikipedia entry; he is best known for his work as a Netscape founder, but has made money doing some other things since then, too).  The blog entry is a pretty quick read, and has some good tips on being more productive.

It's not for everybody, as he points out: if you have the luxury of having the kind of job where your time isn't heavily structured (i.e., you can set your schedule), some of his tips won't help you at all.

Some of his tips, I can already tell I'm never going to do.  (for example, writing 3-5 things on an index card that you'll do the next day is just not going to happen)  Others, I think I actually have a chance of getting done, like making time for breakfast each morning, or reducing the number of times per day I check email (right now, I'd say it's probably over a hundred; if I could get it down to five, that would be huge progress for me).

Anyway, check it out; which of these tips look like they would work for you?  Any tips you like in particular?

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