More TED Talks To Watch

I've been traveling in the last couple of weeks, and somehow haven't made time to write about the latest group of TED Talks I recommend watching.  I'll try to remedy that now; here are three more TED Talks I've enjoyed and find stimulating to watch.

Bill Gross is an inventor, and he spends his 18 minutes talking mostly
about his quest to find a way to capture solar energy cheaply.  He walks
(a quick walk, mind you) through his process of inventing the solar
energy system, then shows it live to the audience.  Some of the points
he brings up in 2003 we know well: you produce the most energy during
the most expensive part of the energy day, so you quickly reduce your
electricity bill.  You don't need to worry about energy efficiency so
much, because the energy source is free.  If you like solar energy and
technology, you might like this talk.

This is Bill Gates's famous (or infamous) TED talk in which he releases a
jar of mosquitos into the audience while he's talking about malaria.  I
guess somebody told him about the value of visual aids in
presentations.  Nonetheless, I think Bill Gates is a clear speaker, and I
really enjoyed how he talked about the problems the Gates Foundation is
working on: the eradication of diseases, and improvement in education
in the U.S.

Hans Rosling presents one of his brilliant time-lapse graphs that
somehow present us several kinds of information at the same time, in a
way that we can easily absorb.  You've got to see it to believe it,
although I admit that maybe it's only impressive if you are a fan of
Tufte, or charts & grafts.  Anyway, this talk is about his analysis
of the HIV / AIDS crisis over a 25 year period since the virus was
discovered.  He shows how the story isn't as simplistic as the graphs
may indicate, and then expands some of his graphs to give a more nuanced
story about the spread of HIV.  Great talk, less than 10 minutes long.

And click here to go to the Gapminder site where you can see all of their data and presentations.

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Bill Gates is a clear speaker

Bill Gates is a clear speaker and it was really enjoying to watch his ted talks show about the solar energy and health topics. He had been successful to talk about the about the problems the Gates Foundation is working on such as the eradication of diseases, and improvement in oren loni CEO education.

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