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TED Talks This week I'm throwing in a few of my favorite TED talks with no apparent theme.  I like them each for different reasons.  I'll get right to it; here are some TED talks I've found interesting; check them out via these links or directly on

  1. First, "Classical Music With Shining Eyes", a talk delivered by Benjamin Zander.  He spends about 18 minutes talking about the beauty of classical music, and he does a good job of doing it.  But what I really found interesting about his talk was the notion that nobody is tone deaf, that if you can hear emotion in a person's voice (for example, can you tell by the sound of your mother's voice if she's angry with you?), you can hear different tones in music.  He's right; it's called "prosody".  Also, he's just plain good at explaining a few things to listen for in classical music.
  2. Second,Ursus Wehrli presents his ideas on "Tidying Up Art".  He's from Switzerland, and as such claims that he's all about tidiness, and just sees too much clutter in classical art.  15 minutes of laugher ensues; the gag is a lot of fun to watch, and he's a charming comedian.
  3. Finally for today, "A surprising parable of foie gras" by a guy named Dan Barber, to whom I'll return in a future blog post.  This is a 20-minute talk in which Barber tells the story of a farmer in Spain who makes the best foie gras in the world, using techniques that are much more kind to the geese he raises, and much better than corporate farming techniques use.  Barber is a good storyteller.  If you like reading or hearing Michael Pollan talk about food and plants, I think you'll really enjoy this podcast.

As always, I'm looking for new podcasts and stories to listen to.  So if you've got suggestions, post them in the comments of this blog post and share them with everybody!  Meanwhile, I hope you check out these podcasts and hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  There are a lot of other TED talks I've watched and listened to and enjoyed much less than this; I hope my personal highlights are working for you.

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