NCAA looking bad in defamation lawsuit

So full disclosure here: if you didn't already know, I am an alumnus of the University of Southern California, a fine institution.  I was disappointed when the NCAA dealt out severe penalties against the USC football program a couple of years back, for running back Reggie Bush's family receiving benefits from a booster.  What caused the penalties against the school, though, was the NCAA's claim that an assistant coach knew about the benefits to Bush's family.  That assistant coach, Todd McNair, is pretty much persona non grata in college coaching now because of those NCAA charges against him.

Well, McNair claims that the NCAA made up evidence and he has sued the NCAA for defamation.  Evidence is starting to appear showing that the NCAA may have been malicious in going after McNair, possibly fabricating evidence against him.  The NCAA has even tried to seal evidence from the public, but a judge has refused.

Here is an opinion piece discussing the situation; the NCAA does not smell good in all of this, and that is fine with me.  Not because USC didn't deserve to be punished; the school deserved some punishment if for no other reason than that then athletic director Mike Garrett acted like an arrogant ass toward the NCAA and its investigation.  But the punishment was far too severe given the alleged infractions, and in arguably more egregious infractions by other schools soon after, those other schools (e.g., Ohio State) got much more favorable treatment.  The NCAA is not consistent or transparent at all in its actions, and that's what burns me about the USC situation.

It looks like the NCAA is going to have some transparency forced on it pretty soon.  I see that as nothing but good.


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Defamation Rules

Next to no defamation of character lawsuits really achieves the level of a court trial. Many are settled secretly, so as to dodge considerably more harm from attention. Since real harms must be illustrated, according to Coursework Writers a few cases are rejected in light of the fact that the announcements or allegations don't ascend to the level of genuine defamation or criticism. Hurt sentiments or lost social standing may not achieve the legitimate meaning of harms. What little maligning of character cases reaches the court framework are normally nearby in nature, for example, a city councilman suing his neighborhood daily paper for suggesting he acknowledged a reward.

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