Netflix streaming is coming to the PlayStation 3

Sweet!  Man, Netflix is everywhere: we've got it now on our TiVo; it should be interesting to see how the Netflix experience compares on PS3 vs. TiVo.

Do you use Netflix streaming?  If so, on what?  And what is the experience like for you?  We like it on our TiVo Series 3, even if it's a little more sluggish than TiVo programs stored on its local disk.

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Good Information

I have read the article and its glad that netflix would be launching its new venture. This would be beneficial for the IT Companies Vizag and for there software's.I hope they would keep updating such features.

Netflix streaming

Many of my colleagues are using the Netflix and they are very happy with the service and functions of it. I have also read about this update in an article of superior papers. I would really like to use the netflix as it has introducing many lateset features which are very nice and useful too.

Many have been waiting for

Many have been waiting for this update. It's good that it is running now. - Marla Ahlgrimm

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