Note To Self: Fixing A Broken Mac Time Machine

I noticed over the last week or so that the Mac Mini at home was having problems with Time Machine backups.  I was getting an error message saying something to the effect of "An error occurred while creating the backup folder."  Hmph.

Luckily, and not surprisingly, I'm not the first person to run into this problem.  I found a page with a suggestion that did the trick.  Here is the page, in case it happens to me again...or maybe to you.


Fixing A Broken Mac Time Machine

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This is very good news to my

This is very good news to my ears I also faced the same problem in my iPad mini and thought that I did something messy and the ios is not responding to my instructions, i have refereed many rushessay articles too for the solution. But after reading your post and saw your shared link than I came to know that it is a problem in machine and it is not my mistake.

Fixing A Broken Mac Time Machine

I am having the same issue here. It is good that you shared a solution. I am lucky that I found your post and reading the essay in time. I hope the essay about Full Reset of Time Machine will solve my problem. Thanks!


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hi there

Most of us have experienced

Most of us have experienced this kind of issue with our system. This idea is very useful. - Green Water Technologies

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