Note To Self: LiveScribe and Evernote Integration

LiveScribe PenI've had a Livescribe pen for a few years now, and I use it all the time.  I remember first seeing a demo of the pen at the JavaOne conference; it was shown there because it runs Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME, or "Little Java" as we liked to call it sometimes).  The pen is the coolest thing: it records your writing strokes on paper that has a tiny pattern of dots printed on it; the dots are small enough that they're almost invisible to the naked eye unless you have excellent vision and are looking really closely at the paper, but the dots are enough for the pen to sense them.  The pen keeps track of your strokes, then you sync the pen with an app on your computer to store those pen strokes as your written notes.  The pen also has a microphone built in, so you can record your written notes synchronized with what was being said as you took those notes.  I use that all the time in meetings, when it's important for me to remember what was being said.  My written notes serve as a kind of table of contents for the audio, making it easy for me to look at my written notes, tap the pen on a word I wrote, and jump right to that section of the audio.  It's way cool.

There's a ton more I could say about the pen, but that's not why I'm writing this blog post.  I'm writing this as a reminder to myself about the integration between the Livescribe pen and Evernote.  I can publish my Livescribe notes as an Evernote note.  Here is a blog post by Evernote telling me about those features, including a nice way to really quickly say "Take this page that I'm writing and publish it to Evernote next time I sync the pen."

I'd like to use the Livescribe to record little presentations.  The idea is that I'd draw with the pen while I'm talking, then publish that as an Evernote document.  Any computer can play back the presentation with no special software; how cool is that?!


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