Note to self: Solaris 11 Express changes default access for initial user

This blog entry is a note-to-self administrative entry.

Solaris 11 Express just released today; I've been playing with the build, which is from the same source tree as OpenSolaris was.  I wanted to see how familiar it looks, so I installed it.  It installed just fine, looked much like my previous OpenSolaris installations except for some new branding elements (actually looks pretty

In OpenSolaris, the first user you create is granted the ability to use "pfexec" to execute programs that need root access.  (think of "pfexec" as like "sudo" on other Unix-like OSes).  But "pfexec" wasn't working for me on this newly-installed system.

The reason: security defaults are different in Solaris 11 Express compared with the defaults in OpenSolaris; by default, the initial user does not get the ability to use "pfexec".

To add this ability, I followed the directions on this page.  It's simple; su to become root, then type "usermod -P'Primary Administrator' <username>".

Oh, one more minor thing: the first time you try anything that requires root access, the system requires you to change the root password.  Once you do that, then you can grant other users administrative access as I just described above.

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I appreciate this

I appreciate this information. I'll be trying out this steps. - Stephen Samuelian

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