Our StoryCorps Story On The Radio Today

I just got an exciting phone call from KALW (91.7 FM), a Bay Area public radio station (good station; my wife and I listen fairly regularly to it).  The call was to let us know that part of our StoryCorps interview will be on the radio today, then archived on their web site.  How cool is that?  (answer: way cool)

A few months ago, we went to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco to take part in this great project called StoryCorps.  The idea is that you go in and interview each other for about an hour, about anything you'd like.  StoryCorps takes those interviews and stores them in the Library of Congress, as part of an effort to record stories from America.  We had a wonderful experience with StoryCorps; they gave us a copy of our interview to keep forever, and we released the rights for them to broadcast our interview as they wished.  But I didn't think anything would really happen.

So today at 5:00PM Pacific Time (Tuesday, January 5 2010), KALW radio will play a portion of our interview during their "Crosscurrents" radio program.  The gentleman told us which part of our interview they'll be playing; it should be worth a chuckle; check it out!

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The story in the radio has

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Storycore Story

Just listened live to the Crosscurrents show. Touching story! Totally cool you two. m

I think you mean KALW in the

I think you mean KALW in the tags, not kawl as it is right now :=).

KALW now tagged correctly

Ahh, yes, thank you for the correction. I've fixed the tagging (kalw now, instead of kawl).

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