The Pac-10 Championship blogged live

I've talked about g-snap! before; I still think it's one of the most innovative ways of sharing live events with other people.  It beats Twitter hands-down, and is a more natural way of doing what people call "live blogging".  Plus, G-Snap! was designed from the start to work well on mobile devices; the whole idea is that you may be on the move when a favorite event of yours is on, but if you could stay in touch via your mobile device, you can still be a part of the community, part of the action.

The next Snapcast  coming up is tomorrow's (that's Thursday, December 3rd) Pac-10 college football game between Oregon and Oregon State.  The outcome of the game will determine which team wins the Pac-10 conference title and therefore goes to the Rose Bowl.  Both teams are playing great football; the game should be a treat to watch.

So check it out by going here, and join in the trash talking, or just check out how communities interact on G-Snap!


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