Podcast Recommendation: The Bugle

Happy New Year, everybody!  One of my new year's resolutions is to publish more regularly; I resolve to post something to this blog at least once a week.  Finding stuff to write about isn't my problem; it's making the time to do it.  So this year, I'll make that time.

I'll start by sharing something I recently found and really enjoy.  It's a new podcast called "The Bugle" (tagline: "Audio Newspaper for a Visual World").  It's a satirical weekly review of world news, usually an hour long, done by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, two comedians.  You may know John Oliver from his work on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart".  The guy's hilarious, and I find the podcast often makes me laugh out loud.

They have a couple of running jokes: Silvio Berlusconi's sexual escapades frequently work their way into the show.  And they love making jokes about the Belgians, those jokes mostly coming in the form of waffle jokes.  But really, nobody is out of bounds.

Check it out; even if you don't listen for the whole hour, I think you'll find its style entertaining, and you can listen to bits and pieces of it and still get something out of it.

Enjoy, and again, Happy New Year!  I hope 2012 brings you a ton of laughter.

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