Podcast Recommendation: Jeremy Rifkin Interview

I recently ran across a great podcast episode that I think is worth listening to.  Jeremy Rifkin has published a book called The Third Industrial Revolution, and I heard him talk about it in this 40-minute interview.  I was interested the whole time, even though I find Moira Gunn tiresome to listen to sometimes.

Rifkin makes an interesting link between the way societies consume energy and their societal structure.  He lays out a really interesting narrative about how distributed societal power will have an effect on how we produce and consume energy in this century, and how it will revolutionize us.  He also lays out a five-point narrative that he says are necessary for transformation.  I listened to the narrative; it sounds great, and believable.

Definitely worth a listen, and it'll get you to think strongly about renewable power of all kinds, and makes a case that we'll see renewable power at large scale in this century.

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The interview went pretty

The interview went pretty well. I guess that will be the key that will make this thing happen. - Mint Springs Farm

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