Setting up basic networking in Solaris 11

This is one of those brief how-to entries, mostly for myself.  But if you use any flavor of Solaris 11, you might find this helpful as well.

I recently upgraded my home-built media server; it was time to get some new hardware and a case that could fix all six disks I use for managing our data.  The new machine is pretty sweet, but it entailed me getting a new motherboard, which has a different Ethernet built-in NIC, which means that my Solaris 11 Express distribution sees a different device.  By default, Solaris didn't handle it well.

Luckily, this page explains the configuration of new devices nicely.  It explains how to view the network interfaces, how to use ipadm and dladm to create and show interfaces, and everything else I needed to do to configure the new device.

Now, everything works just fine.

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15 august 2017

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