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SFLphone logoWhen I joined Red Hat a few months back, I have been looking for a stable phone setup, because none of my current phone setups are reliable as I'd like them to be:

  • My land line is a VOIP line, Lingo being the provider.  Mostly it's good, except for this weird and annoying problem where the line will cut out for about 30 seconds in the middle of the call: either I can't hear anybody else, or I can hear them fine but they can't hear me.  Clearly, that's unusable when I'm leading meetings on the phone.
  • My mobile phone service is with AT&T Wireless.  Now, these guys have provided me fantastic customer service (I'll write about that in a future blog post), but I'm in a poorly-covered cell area so service is spotty and I still get calls dropped sometimes.   Again, not workable when I need to be presenting to partners and customers on the phone, which I often do.

But Red Hat offers SIP service (if you're not familiar with SIP, think of it as a kind of VOIP service).  So I got a Red Hat phone number assigned, and I started looking for an application on Linux that lets me make phone calls with that number, using my computer's microphone and speakers.

I tried a package called Twinkle; it works okay so far but seems to freeze up on me fairly often, too.

I also trierd a package called Ekiga, but from what I can tell so far they want you to sign up for their service, and I just don't need another service right now.

Today, I found another package that just worked: SFLphone.  It was easy to install and configure it to know about my Red Hat SIP phone number.  I've been using it all morning and calls work fine.

The only nit pick so far is that the dial pad feature seems to either repeat digits or miss some digits from time to time.  I'll keep at it, see if I can figure out what's going wrong.  Other than that, so far, so good!  Of the three SIP apps on Linux that I've tried, this one is the best so far.

Do any of you ever use SIP software on Linux?  If so, what do you use, and why?

And how about on the Mac?  I've been trying Jitsi; are there any other SIP phone apps you like better on Mac OS X?


I remember the TED lection

I remember the TED lection where Christopher Hadfield was talking about how he was needed a writingarmy, while he was in zero gravity at space. That was really funny :)

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