Solar Energy Production - August 2012

Enphase Energy logoHere is the energy production report from our Enphase Energy monitoring system in the month of August, 2012.  This is the electricity that our house's solar photovoltaic (PV) panels produced in August; the panels are connected to devices that monitor energy production from each panel, and send telemetry data to a little device inside our house.  That device reports the data to the Enphase Energy website, and Enphase sends us a monthly report.

One thing about this way of collecting data that is both cool and annoying: the cool part is that the Enphase inverters report data over the regular AC power system in the house.  That means the reporting device inside our house just plugs into any AC outlet, and it "finds" the inverters.  The annoying part is in how fragile that method of transmitting data is: you can't plug the reporting device into a power strip or anything else that conditions your AC power, because conditioning the AC power also removes the data that was transmitted via the AC current.  So, you have to be careful about choosing where to plug your Enphase reporting device.  I was not careful at the end of the month when I moved our device, and ended up plugging it into an outlet that has current-conditioning capabilities.  I need to find a better place to plug in.

That brings me to a comment about the August report: since I moved the reporting device and didn't notice the results for a few days, this report isn't completely accurate.  The last week's production is under-reported.  In other words, we produced more energy than the report says we did.

Okay, here's the monthly report.

Monthly Solar Energy Report, August 2012


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