Stinging (but nicely-written) article about AT&T mistreating customers

I always enjoy reading Robert X. Cringely's writing.  Today, I just ran across a column he wrote about how AT&T is blowing it with its customers.

The column, which I saw on "The Industry Standard", spends a fair amount of its time talking about how AT&T is putting its wireless customers (like me) into an unwinnable situation: when you buy an iPhone, you're forced by AT&T to purchase a pretty expensive "unlimited" data plan.  Now, AT&T's network is getting saturated by data traffic and it's seriously considering changes in the plan so that we'd have to pay by the megabyte or live with bandwidth limits.  I would have been fine with that in the first place, but if this happens, I'll feel pretty jerked around.  That's no way to make customers happy, and if you didn't want to spend adequate money on your infrastructure, AT&T, you should not have offered unlimited data plans in the first place.

Anyway, check out the article.  And by the way, are you an AT&T wireless customer?  Do you have an iPhone?  Do you suffer dead zones in coverage as I do?  This didn't use to happen with my AT&T (Cingular, Cellular One) coverage before 3G but it does now, all the time.

By the way, The Industry Standard is a cool web site because of their prediction markets.  Check out the web site: you'll see stories from the IT industry, but in addition to stories they'll have any number of predictions that you can vote on.  For example, today's predictions include "Android Market reaches 30,000 apps by March 15, 2010?"  and "Google acquires TiVo by July 31, 2010?"  I love the idea of combining prediction markets with news stories on a single web site.  It makes the web site a lot more fun, too.

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