TED Talk Favorites for the week of July 14, 2013

TED Talks To WatchHere are a few more TED talks I've watched and think are worth watching again.  Without further ado, here goes.

This is an interesting debate, on whether or not the world needs nuclear energy.  On the advocate's side is Stewart Brand, somebody you might not expect to be in favor, him being the creator of the Whole Earth Catalog.  Both sides make interesting cases; sadly, the debate isn't nearly long enough to cover all of the major issues.  But it's enough to whet your appetite for more info.

Sheryl WuDunn has a great talk about how women have been oppressed in the last century.  What I like about the talk is that she delivers an emotionally charged message in a pretty calm, compelling way.  She's a great speaker, has some powerful stories, and I think she makes her point well that we have a lot more we can do to improve the planet by paying attention to the plight of large numbers of women.  I'm not saying this nearly as well as she does; give her a listen.

Bill Gates is back, and he doesn't even release any pathogens or insects into the audience this time!  (he's done it before)  This time, he gives a relatively short TED talk about state budgets and how they are hurting schools in the United States.

I've watched this Danny Hillis talk about cancer and the study of proteomics a couple of times now.  One thing that really stood out for me the first time I watched it was Hillis saying that we think of cancer as a noun, when it really is a verb (he says we should say "That person is cancering," not "that person has cancer").  The way he goes about explaining it is great.


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