TED Talk Reviews, Week of March 2, 2013

PodcastsHere are a few more TED Talks I think are definitely worth watching.  I'm still going through a long backlog of TED Talks so you'll find these are a couple of years old.  Still, if you haven't watched all the TED Talks over the last five years, you might find some here that you hadn't seen.  These are great ones, in my opinion.

My wife and I went on vacation in India this May; as it turned out, it was smack dab in the middle of the IPL (India Premiere League) cricket season.  I have seen a tiny bit of cricket before, but we happened to watch a lot of cricket during this trip because we would be in a bar or with friends at their houses while the league was in full swing.  This is T20 cricket, it was a ton of fun to watch (and as much as we watched, you learn the game pretty quickly), and when we got home I happened to stumble into this TED Talk about the new rise of cricket's popularity due to the innovation that is T20 cricket.  (basically, a change in format of the game to make games shorter and easier to consume by audiences)  I personally really enjoyed Harsha Bhogle's talk about the history of T20 cricket, even though he gets a little bit hyperbolic.  Hey, the guy's Indian; what do you expect?


Elizabeth Pisani talks about sex, drugs, and HIV.  What I found interesting about her talk is how she points out that both lawmaker and addicts are coming at the problem (trying to stop drug use, trying to continue using drugs) from rational points of view.  She shows how, from either party's side, their point of view is completely rational.  Once we understand that, only then can we really make any progress in changing our current situation of putting humans at risk of contacting fatal diseases, to name but one benefit of changing the current conditions.


The title of Eric Mead's relatively short TED Talk (nine minutes) is "The magic of the placebo" and sure, he does talk about the placebo effect.  But mostly the talk is two magic tricks, and a lot of fun.  I hadn't seen this guy before; now I'd like to find more of him.


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