TED Talks to begin September

TED Talks To WatchHere are a few more TED talks that I've enjoyed listening to and are worth repeating.  Lately, I've watched / listened to a lot of TED talks that I've found mildly interesting but not that good, or where I've felt that the speaker has rambled, or I didn't really get the point of the talk.  Trust me, I'm filtering a lot.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these TED talks:

Jamie Oliver did a TV show focusing on what's wrong with food habits in America and his proposal for changing it.  I saw the show, which was filmed in Huntington, West Virginia.  It was a pretty good show, and in this TED Talk Oliver talks about some of the problems we are dealing with in feeding children (and ourselves), and what we can do to fix it.  He's a passionnate guy, and I like his message and how he delivers it.

Hans Rosling does a talk at TED India; the topic is when India's economy will become the dominant economy on earth.  It's a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but once again he uses the Gapminder software and lots of statistical historical data to show the dramatic rise in India's overall economic health.  As usual, Rosling is entertaining and interesting.

Bill Gates presents at TED about the necessity of what he calls "innovating to zero", the "zero" meaning zero carbon dioxide emissions.  He first makes the case why it's not enough simply to reduce CO2 emissions by a fair amount, why it needs to be pretty much complete eradication of CO2 omissions.  Then he goes through different approaches, and ends with discussing a new type of nuclear power and makes the case for supporting it, as well as some renewable energy sources.  He has a nice way of presenting a fairly complex topic in a fairly simple, straightforward way.


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