TED Talks for early May 2013

Here are a few more of my favorite TED talks; I recommend checking them out and hope you find them as interesting as I have.

Matt Ridley's talk is "When Ideas Have Sex".  www.rationaloptimist.com
The guy is talking about human progress, and the way humans share
ideas in a way that accelerates human progress; he talks about how
"ideas have sex", i.e., ideas mingle with each other, to produce new
things.  For him, it all comes down to the idea of exchange, that our
species is unique in seeking to exchange things with other humans.
That includes not just objects at a bazaar, but trading ideas, which
leads to more invention, which leads to the overall improvement of the
species.  I have to think about whether I buy it, but he sounds
impressive to me and I love the concept.  One idea he presents, by the
way, is to ask the audience how long you'd have to work to supply an
hour of reading light.  Hundreds of years ago, that reading light was
a candle and it would cost you about 6 hours of work.  Today, using a
compact flourescent light bulb it would cost about half a second of
work.  Amazing difference, and he explains why that is the case.

Tan Le does a cool demo of a headset that "reads your mind".  There's not a whole lot to say; it's just a really cool demo, and she truly seems to enjoy watching somebody new try the mind-reader device work for them.

It's Hans Rosling again, this time using storage cartons from Ikea to illustrate the wealth differences between the bottom billion humans and the rest of the world's population.  I've said it before: I'll watch any talk Rosling presents.  I always find them interesting and I think he uses visual presentation methods really well.

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The talks has been pretty

The talks has been pretty interesting. They have been getting themselves ready with it. - Bath Planet

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