TED Talks To End 2013

Wow, it's been two full months since I've written anything here.  Yikes!  Anybody who knows me knows that I never stay quiet for that long, but my online persona has managed to do it somehow.  I really want to be more consistent and frequent in 2014.

In that spirit, here is a post to end 2013 and get into the rhythm of blogging in 2014.  This is a few TED talks that I've really enjoyed or found stimulating that I think are worth checking out.

David MacKay at TED behind how much land mass it would take to power the United Kingdom based on renewable energy.  His point is to tell us how tough it is to produce energy at large scale, and why we should pursue renewable energy despite how tough it's going to be to do it.

More Hans Rosling at TED: this time it's him asking the question "Do some religions have a higher birth rate than others?"  I won't spoil it for you, because watching his data in visual form is as interesting as the final answer, and he's always fun to listen to.

I've heard about Joshua Foer at TED.  Well, Joshua Foer is a science writer who spent some time learning in-depth about people who do this stuff.  There's even a U.S. Memory Championship where people compete on how good (and fast) their memory is.  Turns out the guy "accidentally" won the championship, from learning so much about their techniques.  He says anybody can do it.  Fantastic TED talk.




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