TED Talks To Start September With

TED TalksI've still got a couple hundred TED talks to go through before I've caught up with present day (September 2013).  Here are a few of my favorites, still from around the 2011 - 2012 timeframe.

I'm always interested in hearing about other podcasts to watch or listen to, so if you've got favorites to share, comment here and let me know.

My wife and I are fortunate to have found a nice house to live in as a result of the unfortunate housing crash 4-5 years ago.  The house is pretty energy-efficient, but I've sometimes wondered if it could be even more so, and what the state of the art is.  This TED Talk discusses exactly that, so if you're ever interested in building or remodeling your house to make it as energy efficient as possible, I strongly recommend watching Catherine Mohr's talk about how she and her husband went about doing just this.

Oh yeah, and she's got a lot of great data to back up her talk.  I love that about her talk.

Kim Gorgens talks about a subject that is getting a whole lot of attention in the sport world: concussions.  It's a short talk (less than ten minutes),
and if you haven't already been reading about concussions in professional and amateur football (and other sports), this TED talk is a great introduction.
This TED Talk has some graphic images of people whose faces have for one reason or another become severly disfigured (you've been warned).  But the talk itself is amazing: Iain Hutchison talks about advances in surgical techniques that have done wonders for some who have suffered terrible facial injuries and other problems.
This talk blows my mind, and it's a follow-up talk from Anthony Atala's earlier discussion of advances in organ repair and transplantation.  This talk shows, among other things, how a 3D printer is used to "print" a human kidney.  It's a prototype, far from actual human use, but many of the steps along the way are actually in use.  You gotta watch the talk; you'll think you're in the 22nd century, not the 21st.


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