TED Talks To Watch, Week of March 18, 2013

TED Talks To WatchHere are a few more TED Talks I think are definitely worth a watch.

Ever wonder if you can have any influence whatsoever on your local, state, or national politicians?  Omar Ahmad tells us that you can, and he tells you the most and least effective ways to get your politician's attention.  It's simple, but you gotta watch him to learn why.

Tom Wujec talks about a simple team-building exercise that he's done many, many times with many different groups of people.  The task is to build a tower with some sticks of dry spaghetti and other stuff, with a marshmallow on top.  What I liked about the talk, though, is that he describes what tends to work and what tends not to work, and why the most successful groups to build the little towers are children.  I like what he has to say about organizational behavior as a result of this simple team-building task.

My wife and I are fortunate to have found a nice house to live in as a result of the unfortunate housing crash 4-5 years ago.  The house is pretty energy-efficient, but I've sometimes wondered if it could be even more so, and what the state of the art is.  This TED Talk discusses exactly that, so if you're ever interested in building or remodeling your house to make it as energy efficient as possible, I strongly recommend watching Catherine Mohr's talk about how she and her husband went about doing just this.

Oh yeah, and she's got a lot of great data to back up her talk.  I love that about her talk.


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TED Talks To Watch

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