Two Fun TED Talks (both magic acts)

TED Talks To WatchIn working my way through my backlog of TED Talks I've watched and enjoyed, I found two that are pure entertainment.  One is about 20 minutes long (and well worth it), the other a full 30 minutes long that doesn't seem at all like half an hour.  Here they are:

  • Keith Barry does something he calls "Brain Magic".  He looks to be a kind of mentalist, and he's just fun.  Plus, the last trick has a palpable sense of danger to it that makes the audience all gasp in surprise.  Check it out; you'll see what I mean.
  • Lennart Green is a Swedish card magician.  I had not seen him before this 2005 TED talk, but I think he's brilliant.  Actually, I didn't think he was brilliant when I first watched this; I thought he was clumsy for the first few minutes, but then you realize how brilliant his patter and his act sets you up for how good his magic is.  This guy is hilarious, in an understated way.  The first couple of minutes of his card tricks made me nervous, and i think they made the whole audience nervous, too.  It's all about his setup; watch him and you'll see what I mean.

Something that both magicians had in common in their act was how they opened: both of them opened with a trick that they asked the audience to share, using nothing but our hands.  I still can't figure out Keith Barry's opening trick (can any of you explain it to me?), but Lennart Green's trick is a neat little thing that gets your brain moving.


Magic is really fun. It makes

Magic is really fun. It makes us laugh and be entertained every time we see it. - Quick Leonard Kieffer

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