USC Football Loses Pete Carroll, Hires Lane Kiffin

Wow, what a crazy week for the University of Southern California athletic department.  As a Trojan alumnus (note the color scheme of this web site), I've been fascinated with the news recently that head football coach Pete Carroll was chosen to become head coach of the NFL Seattle Seahawks club.  And just as the rumors of Coach Carroll's potential successor was getting thick, USC announces it is choosing Lane Kiffin as the new head coach.

Kiffin was an assistant coach for 'SC under Carroll, during the most successful years of the program recently.  Kiffin is also bringing along two pretty powerful assistant coaches, and the news doesn't stop there: it looks like USC is trying to hire Norm Chow away from his current gig at UCLA, bringing him back to USC as offensive coordinator.  I would love to see that happen: Coach Chow is an offensive mastermind and has an unbelievable track record at developing quarterbacks (3 Heisman Trophy winners in Ty Detmer, Carson Palmer, and Matt Leinart, and he also tutored Steve Young, Philip Rivers, sand Robbie Bosco).

There is no end to the entertainment in the press about the recent USC news.  And I'm not even talking about the basketball program news of late, with Athletic Director Mike Garrett announcing that USC is sanctioning itself, before the NCAA gets to it.  To add even more drama, it looks like the USC community is none too happy with A.D. Garrett; maybe we'll see news of him being ousted soon.  It's not looking good that he let Carroll get away, and the NCAA mess with the football and basketball programs rest solely on Garrett's shoulders.  Not good, man.

Here's a link to the Orange County Register's blog about USC; great brain candy to read.

This is a great, sarcastic column in the Los Angeles Times about the hiring of Lane Kiffin.  (and the L.A. Times's USC column; man, I miss the Times's sports reporting)

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I don't think they can

I don't think they can replace pete with someone else. Lane kiffin is a good player but he cannot be a replacement for lane. attestation dubai


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Pete Carroll is a wonderful

Pete Carroll is a wonderful man and I personally meet him. He always speaks so nicely and it is big losing for USC. I still want that USC backs the coach because he is good for the team. But the owner of this team should understand the things so well.

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