USC Punks UCLA, 28-7 in 2009 version of annual college football rivalry

So for me, a Trojan, the score is nice to see.  But the real story of the game was what happened in the last minute of play.  I almost skipped over it because the game's outcome was settled at 21-7, but you can see the video below.  USC had the ball and was ready to take a knee to run out the clock.  But UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel called a timeout; apparently, he felt like it was still worthwhile for him to try to get the ball back one more time.  So USC's Coach Pete Carroll and staff responded by calling a real play; USC scored on that play, a beautiful, long pass for a touchdown that ultimately created the final 28-7 score.

Bruin players and coaches were angry and started to storm the field.  Cooler heads prevailed, though, and what looked like a brewing fight between the teams didn't happen.

Coach Carroll got some early press questioning his call to go for the touchdown, but I think this article analyzes the situation perfectly: USC was ready to end the game gracefully.  UCLA chose to continue play, so USC did.  UCLA just plain got beat.

The rivalry just heated up a notch because of this, I'm sure.  Next year's game should be something to watch.

One more note: I love that both teams have agreed to wear their home team colors (usually, one team is in white, the other in their full colors).  The teams agreed to re-start this tradition last year; I think it makes the game more fun to watch.

2009 Close Fight Between Rivalry USC and UCLA Football Game


This was one of the most

This was one of the most anticipated game. Outstanding competition as expected. - Dennis Wong YOR Health

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