This Week's TED Talks To Watch And Listen To

I didn't manage to get the time last week to go through my collection of watched TED Talks, but I have a few more this week to share.

By the way, I would also be happy to write about TED Talks that I've watched and do not think are worth watching and I can explain my reasons why.  If you're interested, let me know and I'll write some thumbs-down reviews,s too.

With that, here are a few TED Talks I think are worth watching.

  • This talk about what has been happening to bee colonies in the U.S. in the past few years (to flu, of all things), is scary but also interesting.  We learn about how resilient bee colonies are, how important beekeepers are, the importance of planting meadows and not just grass lawns, and just how much of our food comes to us as the result of bees.
  • Dan Gilbert talks about how bad we are at making decisions that would make us happier.  It's a fun talk if you like understanding how people think, and how easily we can be persuaded and misled.  Lots of examples about how our minds lead us astray.  One example: he asks the audience if a Big Mac is worth $25.  Then he explains why we're bad at making that decision.  There's a short Q and A at the end of the talk, where somebody argues with him about why people buy lottery tickets.
  • Benjamin Wallace is a writer who talks about a variety of expensive things, and asks if they bring us happiness.  Lucky guy: he got a chance to sample many expensive things (really expensive wine, driving the fastest street car on earth, visiting in a $30,000 per night hotel suite), and he tells us what it was like.  He's low-key, but funnier than you would think when you hear him talk.  He has a clever way of presenting his tests with the luxury items.  Nicely presented talk.
As always, I'd love to hear what you watch and listen to, and enjoy.  Comment at the end of this blog entry if you've got something to share!

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