Why UConn Women's Basketball dynasty is good for the game

My wife got me hooked on women's college basketball.  Back in the day, when my alma mater was a powerhouse I used to root for them but now I join my wife in supporting her school, the Stanford women's team, which is currently ranked 2nd nationally and has a good chance of playing for the national championship against the University of Connecticut (a.k.a. "UConn").  Here's the thing: the UConn women's team is riding a 72-game winning streak, the 2nd longest winning streak in college basketball, behind only the UCLA men's basketball team winning streak of 88 games back in the 1970s.

Some people are saying that UConn's dominance is bad for women's basketball.  But I just read this piece in the New York Times today that makes a nice argument that the streak is actually good for the game.  The writer points out that women's basketball is today about where men's basketball was when the Bruins achieved their record-breaking winning streak, and that periods of dominance tend to help bring positive attention to a sport.  As UConn coach Geno Auriemma said, "I don't remember anyone saying U.C.L.A. was bad for basketball."

Check out the article; it's a nice line of reasoning.  Do you agree?  Is the UConn winning streak good for women's college basketball?  And who do you think is going to break that streak?

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It is great right? 72 games

It is great right? 72 games without losing. They are something. I love the way how the university gives coaching to the team every year. They have the finest players in the country and it is the result of their dedication towards the game. prefabricated house

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I'm a fan of the college

I'm a fan of the college tournament as well. I always look forward to seeing all the games. - Dennis Wong YOR Health

Thanks for sharing. I know

Thanks for sharing. I know who I'd like to break that streak; just dunno if this is the year when that will happen.

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