Working around a problem with terminal in OpenSolaris

When I upgraded my OpenSolaris media server from build 111 to build 127 to build 134a, I found that I started having problems when I tried to ssh into the system.  Here is the error message I see from my terminal:

PTY allocation request failed on channel 0
Warning: no access to tty (Bad file number).
                                            Thus no job control in this shell.
                                                                              Sun Microsystems Inc.    SunOS 5.11    snv_134    February 2010

What a mess.

Looking into the problem, it looks like the culprit is OpenSolaris bug 12380 ("image-update loses /dev/ptmx from /etc/minor_perm").

To fix my system, I typed "pfexec chmod 0666 /dev/ptmx".  Worked like a charm.

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Thanks for sharing the idea.

Thanks for sharing the idea. This gives me a hint on what to do next time. - Green Water Technologies

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