Working Around A Weird OpenSolaris Upgrade Problem

I've got OpenSolaris build 127 running on my home media server, and I've been thinking it's time to upgrade it to the most recent available build, build 134.  But when I tried to do that, I got an error from the Update Manager:

# pkg image-update -f --be-name=opensolaris-b132
Creating Plan \pkg: Cannot remove 'pkg://,5.11-0.127:20091 111T055042Z' due to the following packages that depend on it:
pkg://,5.11-0.127:20091111T0552 02Z

Luckily, I'm not alone.  Somebody else posted this same problem.  Turns out the solution was to upgrade from build 127 to build 128 first; once that's done, you can go straight from b128 to b134.

So all I needed to know now was how to update my system to a specific build.  Here's a great post showing how to do it.  It worked great for me.

Now I have a different problem ot look at, though: when I ssh into the system, it tells me it can't access tty; job control is turned off.   And at that point, I can't type into the terminal; the session is useless.  Similarly, if I VNC into the desktop and bring up a terminal in there, I can type a few commands but invariably the terminal window turns ALL CAPS, and typing commands from then on is pointless.

I'll look into this one; when I've figured out what's wrong, I'll post something here.  Meanwhile, anybody have any clues?  Did I upgrade to a bad build?  Any pointers to useful info would be a great help.

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