George Drapeau @ArchanaS Hey, welcome back! Wondered where you were, hope all is well and nice to see you back on Twitter!
George Drapeau I am taking lots of pix
George Drapeau Just went in on a Woot deal: iGo Charger with 12 AA via @woot -- who doesn't need rechargable batteries, huh?
George Drapeau Interesting interview about what prodigies have in common (lots of working memory).
George Drapeau Interesting #NYTimes piece by Michael Pollan about us & the bacteria and stuff that helps us live:
George Drapeau Making open source communities more open to women developers:
George Drapeau Man, #SportsIllustrated writers really know how to write a story. Another fun one, this about Andy Hampsten in 1988:
George Drapeau In 2011, only 22 of 227 NCAA D-1 sports programs were profitable. But here's why Spelman College dropped sports:
George Drapeau Steven Soderburgh speech about cinema & movies today: Man, I wish I could write like that.
George Drapeau Amusing: "Which Open Source License?" #OpenSource BSD or MIT? Depends on which side of the Mississippi you live on.